AR-7A 5.5g Mini Size 7A Brushless Electronic Speed Controller 2S RC Helicopter Airplane ESC With UBEC
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2S LiPo
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RC Airplane, Helicopter, Quadcopter


Item Name: AR-7A

Constant Current: 6A

Peak Current: 10A

Input Voltage: 2s lipo

Dimension: 25*13*7mm

Weight: 5.5g


* Ultra-low impedance PCB(printed circuit board) and high power MOS drive tube with independent cooling fin for great current endurance.

* Power input with ultra low impedance and large volume capacitor to improve the power stability and protect the battery.

* Safety to power on. While power on, no matter how you operate the throttle stick, the motor do not start immediately to avoid personal injuries.

* Multiple protection: Input Voltage Abnormality Protection, Low Voltage Battery Protection, Overheat Protection, Throttle Signal Loss Protection etc., which extend effectively the lifespan of ESC.

* Three start mode: regular start, soft start and super soft start, which compatible with fixed wing aircraft and helicopter.

* Programmable throttle curve suitable for all kinds of remote controllers. Smooth and exquisite speed regulation, perfect speed linear.

* Microprocessor power supply with independent stabilized voltage IC, superior anti-interence to reduce te possibility of out-of-control.

* The maximum rotation speed can up to 210000RPM (2 poles motor), 70000RPM ( 6 poles motor), 35000RPM (12 poles motor).