Warranty-Only When this product is faulty after normal operation with the 12 month warranty period, will we repair or replace based on our regulations. The repair will be paid for by the customer when the damage is due to improper ways i.e. misuse, broken gears, liquid ingress, damaged leads, and modifications or beyond the warranty period. The warranty card and original proof of purchase must be included when returning the product. Failure to include these will result in the item being ignored. Note that some damages may not be economically repairable.

Warranty card download:  AGFRC Warranty Card-20200327

The scope of the warranty is limited to the servos and excludes aircrafts, cars, engines and any other non AGFrc product. We are not liable for any consequential losses howsoever they are caused.

Additionally, below items void the warranty and require billing information - No exception:

* Using the product in an application it was not rated for.

* Exceeding the product specifications.

* Incorrect wiring or use inconsistent with the instructions.

* Using the wrong polarity connectors on the battery and connection wires from the products.

* Failure to attach the supplied capacitor or capacitor(s) are confirmed damaged.

* MOSFETs and or Phase plate(s) is confirmed damaged by Current-overload.

* Warranty applies to the original purchaser of the product only. Warranty is non-transferable.

* Failure to include a receipt proving date of purchase.

* AGFRC products that have been discontinued or special offer for limit quantity.