According to after-sales service authorities, there are the following two cases:

1. When a product is defective and our technical will determines that the component of product is needs to be replaced for product defect itself, the user needs to provide the purchase record. If match up with the above conditions and the user provides the complete proof of purchase, AGFRC will bear the material expense of the replaced component. If the our technical  determines that there is no product quality problem after analysis, the user can purchase the parts via the our official purchase platform and bear the related costs. If the parts are not available on the official purchase platform, the user can contact with AGFRC after-sales service to purchase the parts separately at its own costs, including but not limited to parts expense, freight, customs duties, customs clearance, bank transfer charges, etc.


2. When a product is defective, the user may be required to provide details about the defective product for troubleshooting. If the product has a serious problem and AGFRC needs to obtain the product to determine the cause, for example, the product needs to be returned to the factory for further testing, AGFRC after-sales staff will inform the user of it. Firstly, the user should fill out the "Warranty Card Form" in detail and then send the product back to the provided address according to the requirements. After receiving the form and the product to be repaired, AGFRC after-sales service center will check the product to determine the cause of the problem and the responsibility. While finding out the cause of the problem and the responsibility, AGFRC will inform the user in time. If the product is defective itself, AGFRC will bear the product testing fee, related material fee and the feight to ship it back to the user. If the product is non-defective itself, the user can choose to pay for the repair (including the testing fee and related material fee) or choose not to repair with sending it back.


3. If the product needs to be returned to the factory for testing, the user is requested to properly dispose of the personalized items and decorations attached to the original product (including but not limited to decorative stickers, paint, spray, etc.) before sending the product for repair. The user should be aware that it is highly likely that the decorations will be broken during repair, and AGFRC will not be responsible for the cost of breaking the personalized items and decorations.


4. To ensure the normal rights and interests of a user, the user needs to check carefully whether the product and packaging are intact when receiving the product (whether there is a damage caused during shipping). If the items are damaged in the shipping, the user needs to report it to AGFRC after-sales service center within 24 hours, otherwise, it will not be accepted. If the product has other abnormalities, please give a feedback to AGFRC within 7 days from the date of receipt, otherwise, it will be regarded as a non-defective product with normal performance.


5. For the clerance and discontinued products, AGFRC does not provide after-sales depot repair service. If there is a demand for depot repair, the user should contact AGFRC after-sales department( in advance to confirm the repair material. The depot repair is allowed only under the approval of AGFRC.


6. The depot repair period is limited to 15 working days from the date of receipt of the returned product by AGFRC factory.


7. Huizhou AGF-RC Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the right for the final interpretation of the above after-sales service terms and conditions.