Ultra Torque CNC Low Profile Servo

If you are looking for a low profile servo with fast response and high torque, then you should not miss out of our A62 series servo. 

A62BHS & A62BHL is a 25T potentiometer angle sensor, water and dust resistance and 180 degree extra large control angle digital low profile servo, made in fully CNC heat sink case servo, have good heat dissipation. They have adopt the hardness durability steel gears to make it has good corrosion resistance to withstand the extreme forcible use and is weldable. Metal dual ball bearings can provide smoother operation and better performance. And the brushless motor is used to make sure the super torque output demand, greatly increased efficiency. Programmable function is available for basic parameter adjustment, over load protection and other settings. 

The difference between A62BHS and A62BHL is the parameter. A62BHS is 0.058sec/60°and 16.0kg-cm @ 8.4V, and the A62BHL is 0.070sec/60°and 20.0kg-cm @ 8.4V. In conclusion, if you prefer the fast response servo, then A62BHS is suit for you. If you need the high torque version, you can go for the A62BHL. These two are made in a short body which will be more suitable for applications with limited space for size, like the 1/12 scale RC Cars, some small scale aircraft and helicopter.

If you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact us.