Hot-Selling 45kg IP67 Waterproof Servo For 1/8 Scale

A81 Feature

If you are a new fans of us, and want to try our product, then you should not miss the A81BHMW servo, it is our ace product, also the unique treasure of our stores. It will impress you from your first test.

A81BHMW is a standard size 25T brushless waterproof IP67 digital servo. It come with CNC cooling shell, not only is it easy to clean up after you used it, but also more conducive to heat dissipation. Steel gears, 2MM PIN shaft, and three ball bearings to provide smooth operation and more crash resistant. The non-contact magnetic angle sensor are more durable. Programmable function is available to provide easy modifications for more application needs. Solid internal structure coupled with excellent parameters of 45kg monster torque and 0.085sec fast speed at 8.4V, it is a very popular servo for 1/8 scale RC Cars.

According to the feedback of our most customers, if you want to use it on the aircraft, please choose the A81BHM servo, the version without waterproof function but in the same parameter. Because it is a potentiometer, it will be more smoother in the process of use.

If you are in other industries, such as robotics, conveyor belts, automatic door openers, CNC turning and radar systems, and requires a servo to have other special functions, please let us know, we are capable of it. 

A81 Speed torque



A81 application