• If only OEM rebrand logo, the minimum order quantity is 100pcs per item. 

    • If want to do your own color and design, the minimum order quantity is at least 500pcs per item. 

    • Regarding the ODM products, it will depend on requirements, and it is normally start with 500pcs per item.

    • If use in normal condition, it can be splash-proof, water-proof and dust-proof. The functions of splash-proof, water-proof and dust-proof are not permanent, its protecting function will be declined by wear and tear.

    • The IP67 waterproof servo can be used within 1 meter depth water at 30 minutes. Important notes, please blow dry the servo after it is used inside of water.


     The working condition of IP67 waterproof level :

    1.  No flowing water, water depth less than or equal to 1 meter;

    2. Experimental time: within 30 minutes; 

    3. The temperature difference between the water and the product shall less than 5℃.

    • The Smart Servo is the great product which has two application -Winch Servo and Regular Servo. It is available to change the firmware via USB programmer for different usage as request, very flexible and easy.  (Specially for Smart Servo.)