2S Low Profile Smart Servo Winch SA18 SA19

We have more and more clients pushing us to get the Bluetooth apps for 1/5 scale servo done but our development department getting stuck with other projects. However how could we lost fun of parameter adjustment for this great servo, we upgraded the AGF-SPV2 program card to AGF-SPV3 version.

The new version program card is mainly suitable for all AGFrc programmable servo (including the 1/5 scale servo, 4S high voltage servo and the helicopter servo) adjust parameter and the smart servo firmware upgrade.

If you have purchased the AGF-SPV2, please do not worried, It can also be used as regular. But the AGF-SPV2 programming cards cannot be used for A280 series 1/5 scale servos, A86BUMW 4S servo and helicopter servo, the other programmable servos are normal use.


* All of AGFRC programmable servos will comes with "A" icon marking like the follow picture, our program card is only use for these kind of products.

2S Smart Servo

SA19 Spec Data

Operating Speed

0.095sec/60°@ 6.0V

0.083sec/60°@ 7.4V

0.073sec/60°@ 8.4V

Stall Torque

16 kg-cm (222 oz-in) @ 6.0V

18 kg-cm (250 oz-in) @ 7.4V

19 kg-cm (264 oz-in) @ 8.4V

SA18 Spec Data

Operating speed

0.13sec/60°@ 6.0V

0.12sec/60°@ 7.4V

0.11sec/60°@ 8.4V

Stall Torque

13 kg-cm (181 oz-in) @ 6.0V

16 kg-cm (222 oz-in) @ 7.4V

18 kg-cm (250 oz-in) @ 8.4V

FAQ of the smart servo

Q1: When the servo is used as a winch servo, does it have the same torque and speed as the standard servo?

A: Yes, when it used as a winch servo, the speed and torque are the same, but the specified working voltage requirements are required to achieve the corresponding parameters.

Q2: How to change to winch servo mode? 

A: To change the winch servo mode, we need to use our programming card to achieve. Please also download our programming software and the corresponding servo firmware from our website in advance, then link the servo to the computer through the programming card, and select the mode you need to complete the mode change, then you will got a winch servo.

Our default shipping mode is to be used as a regular servo. You can note that change to winch mode before shipment if needed.