AGF-SPV3 USB Program Card

We have more and more clients pushing us to get the Bluetooth apps for 1/5 scale servo done but our development department getting stuck with other projects. But how could we lost fun of parameter adjustment for this great servo, then we upgraded the AGF-SPV2 program card to AGF-SPV3 version.

The new version program card AGF-SPV3 is mainly suitable for all AGFrc programmable servo (including the 1/5 Scale Servo, 4S High Voltage Servo and Helicopter Servo) adjust parameter and the smart servo firmware upgrade.

If you have purchased the AGF-SPV2, please do not worried, It can also be used normally. But the AGF-SPV2 programming cards cannot be used for A280 series 1/5 scale servos, A86BUMW 4S servo and helicopter servo, the other programmable servos are normal use.

The Using Step:

1.Connect the programming card to computer first

2.Open up our programming software

3.Connect servo to the programming card


* AGFRC program card is only can be used for AGFRC brand programmable servos with "A" icon marked like the follow picture. 

* AGFRC programming card is also use for changing the firmware to switch the servo function between Winch Servo and Regular Servo.  Of course this feature works only for AGFRC Smart Servo. Our smart servo is the product whose model name starts with "SA”, such as “SA66BVMW”"SA75CVSW", "SA18" etc.

* If you would like to use the programming function, please check if your servo has programmable icon marked before purchase. 

If you have any doubt for the programming card, pls email us

AGFRC Programmable Servo