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What Waterproof IP67 Means For AGFrc Magnetic Waterproof

What does we called waterproof IP67 for AGFRC magnetic sensor waterproof servo?

Waterproof  level: IP67

Dust-proof and Waterproof

If use in normal condition, it can be splash-proof, water-proof and dust-proof. Tested under controlled laboratory condition, its effect reaches IP67 waterproof level in GB/T 4208-2017(Domestic)/ IEC 60529 (Overseas) standard. The functions of splash-proof, water-proof and dust-proof are not permanent, its protecting function will be declined by wear and tear.


* The working condition of IP67 waterproof level :

1) No flowing water, water depth less than or equal to 1 meter;

2) Experimental time: within 30 minutes; 

3) The temperature difference between the water and the product shall less than 5℃.

IP means Ingress Protection Rating;

First number "6" means its Solid Protection Rating which range is 0 to 6, and this servo reaches level 6 so that it can completely protect the inside of the servo from dust intrusion; 

Second number "7" means Liquid Protection Rating which range is 0 to 8, and it reaches level 7, so that under normal temperature and pressure, when the casing is temporarily immersed in 1M deep water, it will not cause harmful effects on the normal operation of the product.