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Summer Promotion Guideline

Hey guys, our summer promotion is coming! Many of our regular customers asked us if it is any promotion or discount for them as we have been cooperating for such a long time, now we are here! 

Please check following picture of our promotion products, and they are also our hot selling products, very well-known for its good performance and quality design. It is only once a year, and please grab this opportunity, let's make profit together.


How can I get it?

Situation 1: If you are a consumer that wants to participate in the event, please click on the link (our E-store):

If you are a beginner about our servos, you can also click this link, and find customer support for help.

Situation 2: If you are a company that wants to distribute our products, please feel free to email: for this special summer promotion price, or other info that you are interested in, and all the emails will be replied within 24 hours.Please kindly advise the company info and shipping address when you email us, then we can register in our system for better service. Thank you. 

Some FAQs about this promotion for your reference

Q1: Does your company's other products included in this promotion?

A1: No, this promotion only for above AGFRC products which are shows on the picture. 

Q2: Is there any warranty for promotional products?

A2: Yes, all products included in this promotion also enjoys the warranty service: under 12 months warranty and lifetime tech support.

Q3: How many are we allowed to purchase?

A3: There is no quantity limit for this promotion, but this promotion will be ended on August 31st, 2021.

Even the cost of products and the rising raw material prices this year, And we are doing best to offer this special summer promotion for our customers in return for your trust and support.

We sincerely hope you can find suitable products in this event.  

NOTE : We have the final interpretation right of this promotion.