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New Helicopter Servo Combo Set —A80BHP-H & A80BHX-H

The helicopter servo combo set, you have been waiting for for a long time is finally here, sorry for the long wait. As you know, new products need to take a while to do some research, investigation and testing. We will not disappoint your expectations, let's have a look at the attractiveness of this combo.

A80BHXP feature


1. 0.030sec fast speed helicopter tail servo - This speed is very attractive, right?

2. 30kg high torque helicopter cyclic servo - Moderate torque, to ensure you have a good time

3. Wide range of applications:If you think it can only be used on helicopters, then you are wrong. With its speed and torque, it can be used in many places, such as rc cars and boats. There are also some special-purpose ones that need to be replaced with winch servo, position feedback servo, it can also be done. Just gave them a chance and let them be the best of your list.


You will be the judge. Please give us feedback on any aspect of this servo waiting to be improved.

A80BHXP product size

What do you think the next new product will be? Any ideas? If so, please let us know. If not, let us look forward to it together.