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SA66BVMW - Low Profile 12V Smart Servo

Thank you for your patience, finally our 3S low-profile smart servo is here.  If you know us, you may know that we have 3 standard-size 3S smart servo, and their sales are often in short supply. 

Why is it often out of stock?

The biggest advantage of our 3S 12V smart servo is that one servo can be used in two ways. Because this kind of servos is allow to change the firmware to switch the servo function between Winch and Regular Servo. It is equivalent to you only spent the price of one servo but bought two servos.

SA66BVMW-mainly feature

What are the advantages of this servo?

1.Its low profile body are more flexible to applied to more models, like 1/10, 1/12 touring or drift cars.

2.0.073sec fast speed and 35kg-cm high torque, regardless of the regular servo, the speed and torque are excellent. For the winch servo, it is also very stronger.

3.Magnetic sensor waterproof IP67, it means that although water has entered the servo, it still does not affect the use. Just pay attention to dry the water after use.

4.Other advantage like brushless motor, wide working voltage 7.4V to 14.4V, steel gears, and so on.

SA66BVMW- install

Heart it? Then hurry up to get one to have fun while it still have stock.

Any question, suggestion or inquiry, please kindly send it to our email. Thank you for your time. See you later.

SA66BVMW- 35.0 kg-cm & 0.073 sec