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B53DH Series - Affordable Golden Servos

We are a manufacturer that keeps pace with the times, and we hope our products can bring you a lot of fun together with your model. So we design this low-cost servos which may can fits most people's budget. 


Don't underestimate B53DHS and B53DHN though it is a low-cost servo. It is a standard digital servo, with a golden design make it has a high recognition in AGFrc servo. It feature large torque, a fast speed, DC motor and titanium gears. 


It also has programming functions which can be program via our USB programmer and you can DIY the parameter that you want.

It is very suitable for 1/10, 1/12 On Road, Off Road, Cars, Trucks, Airplane, Helicopter, UAV and Engine etc. 


Do you like the new color of our servo? Welcome any suggestions about our research and development new products.

Test video