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A11CLS-V3 upgraded programmable version is coming!

We are a manufacturer who are willing to listen to our customer’s voices to upgrade and research products. In response to the needs of our customers, a programmable version of A11CLS V3 is here.


It is a great choice for 1/24, 1/28 scale mini Z cars who demand 0.065sec fast speed and 1.4 kg-cm high torque. If you are looking forward to this type servo, A11CLS-V3 will be a right choose. Coupled with the new programmable function, it is even more perfect.

 A11CLS 组合图

If you are a novice and do not know how to use it with other products. Don't worry, we have already match it for you, please check follow picture show.

 A11CLS V3蚊车套装

More functions, More experiences & More fun. So why not? Pick me and take me away!


If any question please leave a message to us. That is all today, thank you for your time.